Monday, 11 May 2015

Animation Reflection

Harlan Brownrigg-Ross
Ball Bounce
Flash and Photoshop
For this assignment, I used Flash instead of Photoshop as I found it much easier to use. I drew all of my animation frame by frame, other than the background that I used Photoshop for. Other than that nothing else was really used.
My idea for this was to make a ball bounce then it changed to a ball of water turning into a tree.  As I worked on it my tree changed a few times before I liked the final version. Other than that, nothing else changed.
No particular artist influenced me for this project.
I used asymmetry in my animation so it would look more natural. I had the background blurry so that it would give depth to the animation showing the foreground much more in focus. I used things like squash and stretch to make the motion of the ball look more lifelike. When you look at it, your eyes keep focus on the ball which move them, around the screen to the tree.  
My personal motivation for this was that I really liked doing this, I found it different from our normal work. I guess just wanted to try animation, no real visual style or anything but just an attempt at animation.

I feel that my background and timing were very successful and interesting. Nothing really surprised me too much. With additional time I probably would have made the ball look better and set up a much better background. Maybe I would have added reflections of the background in the water ball. 

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